Feathered Family

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.”  
-Chinese Proverb

This is a page dedicated to the personalities of our Disney/Pixar themed flock.  Some of these pictures are a bit dated, so bear with me until warmer (prettier) weather hits and gives me an opportunity to take photos.

Little Ariel with a
tiny comb coming in!


Namesake:  Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Breed:  Rhode Island Red
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Ariel was our first layer.  It seemed as if she has always been a face in the front of our little crowd in every aspect, never shying away from anything!  A good friend to the others, she has a strong place in the top part of their little social circles.  This brassy little redhead was a standout from the moment she came home and I have no doubt she’ll forever remain that way.

Belle has always been a big girl.
Check out those legs!


Namesake:  Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Breed:  Welsummer
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Belle is our big, beautiful hen who was our very last to start laying.  Those gorgeous chocolate brown eggs were worth every minute I sat in anticipation looking for signs from her.  She is quiet, dignified and calm.  This is our most level headed girl and she adds a wonderful balance to our flock.  I’d take ten more just like her!

Boo doesn't like standing still,
so a picture of me holding her
is the best I've got so far!


Namesake:  Boo from Monsters Inc
Breed:  Silver Laced Wyandotte
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Boo must feel it a personal pledge to live up to her cartoonish namesake’s nonsense way of talking.  You will no doubt hear Boo before you see her.  Her voice has become unmistakable to all who meet her and she feels the need to run around after her feathered friends to make her own soundtrack to the day’s events!

Fifi helped me out during a
Farm Chick Chit Chat photo shoot.


Namesake:  Fifi (the fancy feather duster) from Beauty and the Beast
Breed:  Speckled Sussex
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Fifi is a gorgeous bird and she knows it!  She seems to have a confident air and strut around the run like a modeling runway.  Of course, that could just be because she’s one of the alpha hens, but I personally like to imagine her working it to a sassy pop song!

I say don't let that grumpy face fool you.
Georgette says otherwise.


Namesake:  Georgette (the bossy poodle) from Oliver & Co
Breed:  Easter Egger
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Georgette is every bit as bold as that animated pooch she was named after.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, intimidates this chick!  Giving off just enough attitude to let everyone know who’s in charge without being violent, she actually prefers being physically close to the other hens and tolerates our affection with a mild disdain.

Kevin has a truly unforgetable look!


Namesake:  Kevin (the girl-bird-first-believed-to-be-a-boy) from Up
Breed:  White Crested Black Polish
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Kevin has been an absolute favorite with everyone since we first laid eyes on her.  At first it was her unique looks that caught all the attention but now it’s her sweet and gentle personality that wins everyone over.  She makes the most adorable little soft trilling noises that will melt your heart!  Kevin always seems to appear right next to you when you least expect it, much like the bird from the movie.  This bird never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Mim doesn't even stand still to eat!
Here she is with a bite on the run.

Madame Mim

Namesake:  Madame Mim (the mad witch) from The Sword in the Stone
Breed:  Silver Laced Polish
Hatched:  June 11, 2012

Mim channels her inner Road Runner
while a placid Ursula stands in back.
Meeeeep Meeeeeep!
Boy did I jinx myself naming this one!  Mim, was named because she shared a similar crazy hairstyle with this mad witch from the movie – but somehow more than the name transferred.  Mim is as silly as they come, making that same trilling noise that Kevin makes only at higher volumes and pitches.  She startles easily but instead of running, she jumps at whatever scared her, almost in a challenge!  Mim has earned a second nickname of Road Runner from the way she races at top speed through the coop, for absolutely no other reason than for the sake of running.  We joke that Mim came from a scrambled egg but we truly love her and her eccentricities more each day.

Our classic beauty Minnie.


Namesake:  Minnie Mouse, the Disney icon
Breed:  Plymouth Barred Rock
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

It was a given that we should name our most iconic chicken breed after a Disney icon.  Minnie has lived up to her predecessor’s name with all the grace, style and friendliness a trendsetter should have.  Our Minnie is a great sidekick to us and is always neck and neck with her buddy Tinkerbell to be first to be held.  It’s nice to know that Minnie will always be a legend, in and out of the coop.

Tinkerbell and Meredith enjoy
a little informative reading.


Namesake:  Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, and the Tinkerbell franchise
Breed:  Buff Orpington
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Tinkerbell shares a lot of things with the feisty fairy: curious nature, a sense of adventure, great personality and lovely golden locks to name a few.  This girl, in my opinion, has the best pet personality of all our girls and would happily live her days out as a lap dog.  I’d say cat, but she likes treats far too much not to draw a comparison to a begging dog!

This photo doesn't do Ursula justice.
Wait til this spring and you'll see a stunner!


Namesake:  Ursula (the sea witch) from The Little Mermaid
Breed:  Australorp
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Ursula doesn’t have a witch-y bone in her body.  Her thick, full, curvy body of black feathers does shimmer an iridescent green just like scales though, so it works for her!  Urs is an excellent flock member; quiet, doesn’t get pushy, helps forage and scratch up the dirt for those who don’t have the hang of it so well.  If we are asking my opinion again, I’d say every flock needs a girl just like this Australorp!

Vixey has a beautiful coloration
to her feathers.


Namesake:  Vixey (the female fox) from The Fox and The Hound
Breed:  Plymouth Partridge Rock
Hatched:  June 04, 2012

Vixey has given us a couple go-rounds in her life.  As a chick, she was the lone one in the group to have pasty butt and required special treatment and monitoring for about two weeks.  During winter December 2012/January 2013 she got mixed up in feather picking and earned herself a set of Pinless Peepers (blinders), which she despised greatly.  After having them on a few weeks, my husband walked out to find her a bloody mess.  She had torn at herself so much trying to get the blinder off that she was now openly bleeding from the comb and nostril.  (After cleaning her up and some first aid, it initially looked far worse than what it was)  Needless to say, this girl has a very fox like way of laying in wait quietly and then suddenly making herself known when we least expect it!

That's the flock as it stands for now.  I'd love to get a rooster and name him Walt, for who better to head up a Disney flock then an old boy with that name!  Maybe someday their prince will come.

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